How Gad Horowitz Survived Israel Apartheid Week

A message from Gad Horowitz. Enjoy.


israel apartheid week drove me up the wall.
the term is supposed to induce guilt but is equally likely to induce fury…
as a leftist i have always wondered why so many of my relatives and friends who were socialists in the past have become right wingers on almost every issue. now i understand. but it won’t happen to me. because I will not be sucked in.  instead i will emulate the “language poets” who play with word-viruses in order to divest them of their hypnotic power.  so here we go: (best declaimed aloud to ward off the demonization-demon)
End Israeli sardines
End Israeli marsupials
End Israeli pincushions
End Israeli matzohballs
End endodontic apartheid
End fingerlickin apartheid
End testicular apartheid
End macadamianut apartheid
End frapuccino apartheid
End umbilical apartheid
End kakapoopoo apartheid
End arootintootin apartheid
End applecorrie apartheid
End deliverdeletterdesoonerdebetter apartheid
End blueish apartheid
that’s funny, you don’t LOOK blueish

End monosodium glutameit
End jambalaya afartfeit
End mouthfrothish hyperboleit
End gefultefush expansionheit
End slithery hypocrateit


2 Responses to “How Gad Horowitz Survived Israel Apartheid Week”

  1. 1 John March 8, 2012 at 3:14 pm

    Maybe Gad Horowitz needs to be reminded that just because he is part of the “tribe” he need not be blind to the injustices that his beloved state of Israel takes part in. As a Jew who probably supported the fight for the civil rights of African Americans and the rights of blacks in South Africa, he needs to ask himself why is he so opposed to recognizing that Israel has instituted policies to separate (and that this what apartheid means) and discriminate against the people they rule over (and yes, they rule the Palestinians given that the government of Israel is the only ruling authority between the river and the sea).

    Israel is realizing that it cannot be both a JEWISH state and a DEMOCRATIC state. Due to demographic/sociological changes it has chosen to put emphasis on the former at the expense of the latter. So if Mr. Horowitz is troubled by people pointing this out and creating an event to bring attention to this issue, then I am troubled by his disdain for the recognition of a moral injustice.

  2. 2 Anonymous June 25, 2013 at 6:14 pm

    End John’s babble recitation.

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