CPSA Women’s Caucus Comes Alive

After an absence of months, the Canadian Political Science Association Women’s Caucus is back on line.

Or is it?

I get a message addressed to WC-CPSA@YORKU. Fine. That’s the Women’s Caucus calling. But who sent it? The reply address reads Teresa Healy, thealy@CLC-CTC.CA. Who is she?  She doesn’t identify herself as a political scientist. She’s not in the Canadian Political Science Association directory.

Whoever she is, she wants us to read a letter she and 211 other women sent Jack Layton, asking him to use the whips in the vote on the long gun registry: “We are urging you in the strongest possible way to compel your caucus to save Canada’s gun registry.”

We’re not being asked to sign the letter to Layton. It’s already sealed and in the mail. Healy’s just keeping us informed of her doings.

The letter may be found at http://www.caw.ca/en/9005.htm

Who are the 211 signatories? Hard to say. None identify themselves as political scientists. Only a few give a university affiliation. Many indicate association with a union. Some describe themselves as “women’s advocates,” or “activists.” Some provide no form of identification.

Who decides what goes out to the CPSA Women’s Caucus? It’s a puzzle.

1 Response to “CPSA Women’s Caucus Comes Alive”

  1. 1 David Stern June 26, 2010 at 8:50 am

    Good Morning Professor. Why do commentators think that today’s public discourse is so much more rancorous than in the past? Even our history books give us a peek at the vigorous and sometimes violent public debates that have occurred. Since the days of Rome and before, politics have created an emotional heat that does not inspire civility. Today’s public discourse is no worse nor better than in the past. What has changed is the level of public literacy that has sunk to an all time low. This has effected all aspects of art and literature, the result of socialist egalitarianism and it’s contempt of elitism. Regards from David Stern

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