Ignatieff Speaks!

At my university today. But only for a few minutes. He will then engage in open and frank discussion with the audience. Open and frank! I may walk over.

Here’s the notice in full: “Mr. Ignatieff will be speaking for a few minutes and then engaging in open and frank discussion with the audience. It is a chance to engage Mr. Ignatieff in discussion and get the word out about the importance of post-secondary education in a clear and unfettered forum. This event is part of a cross-Canada campus tour for Mr. Ignatieff to meet with young Canadians and faculty in the lead-up to ‘Canada at 150: Rising to the Challenge’ – a non-partisan conference being held in Montreal in March 2010.”

Note the exciting topic. The importance of post-secondary education. Cuts to the chase, eh. No waffling on about subordinate issues like rising costs, underfunding, crowded classrooms, the bewildering proliferation of programs, over-paid profs, underpaid instructors. No. Ignatieff is going to say in an open and frank way, hiding nothing, that universities are “important.”

Should we be disturbed at the idea that his tour is meant to recruit students for the up-coming “non-partisan conference” on means to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary? Na! The word “non-partisan” means nothing. It is an emotive term indicating merely that Mr. Ignatieff’s appearance on campus is “important.” Obviously the Leader of the Opposition would not want to speak in an open and frank forum about the better policies offered by the Liberal Party.

Or perhaps Ignatieff is considering a step up to the office of Governor-General. It’s a non-partisan role, certainly and he’d be at home in it. We could get him installed in time for the 150th.


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