Who’s Calling Frances?

Who’s calling Frances Widdowson? She and co-author Albert Howard are being courted by the political right. In conservative and libertarian circles, they’re everyone’s favourite Marxists.

Peter Foster of the Financial Post finds their argument compelling (July 2, 09): “The authors note that criticism of lousy policies that support dysfunctional lifestyles [on aboriginal reserves] is inevitably screamed down — as this book has been — as ‘racism’ or ‘cultural genocide,’ but suggest that this is primarily because their end would mean a stop to legal and consulting fees, and the huge network of sinecures run for, and by, a nepotistic system of chiefs and councils who have been thoroughly co-opted.”

Last February the National Post ran full-page excerpts from Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry on four successive days. Jonathan Kay’s column (February 3) lauded the authors for exposing the “enormous ideological gulf between classic leftism and the Aboriginal Industry it supports.” Here’s a sample: “From the civil rights movement onwards, progressive forces in our society have weaned us off the toxic notion that a person’s race dictates the content of his or her character. But this enlightened attitude is willfully discarded in the case of natives, who are imagined to be inveterately enlightened environmentalists, pacifists and … socialists. This racist conceit is in turn used to justify segregation – since any other policy would expose natives to the pollution of white values.”


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