Are the Jews Wrecking the University?

At the University of Ottawa, Denis Rancourt, a well-regarded physicist, is refusing to assign grades. He’s been banned from the campus and the university is looking for a way to fire him. But sentiment may be swinging his way.

Years ago Paul Fox, eminence in Canadian politics at the University of Toronto, gave everyone in his graduate class an A grade. (The A+ had not then been invented). His radical stance made headlines in the Globe and Mail and he backed down. (Standing on the buzzer, marking on the curve; universities were disciplined in those days.) Fox was before his time.

Today quite a few professors in Canada and the United States are tossing out their grade sheets. A student passes the course or doesn’t. That’s it. Educational psychologists are cheering. Says Carl Leggo, an education professor from the University of British Columbia, there is compelling research “proving that students are more creative and more productive when grades are removed.” [My source is Karen Pinchin, “In This Class, Everyone gets A+”  Maclean’s, March 23, 2009.]

The Canadian Association of University Teachers has struck a committee to investigate the case. Naturally! Stanley Fish (Save the World on Your Own Time) is keeping his eye on the matter. One wouldn’t expect less.

So all’s well? I’m not sure. According to Maclean’s, Rancourt has a “history of causing trouble.” He denies the existence of climate change. That’s O.K. Some do; some don’t.

He also contends that the President of the University of Ottawa “is part of a continental Zionist conspiracy.” Oh, for goodness sakes. That’s another matter!  How did the Jews get into the story?

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