Holiday Talk

If the holidays are here can in-laws be far behind? At our house we’re thinking about topics for conversation at cocktails and the dinner table. No discussion of money, politics or sex, please. That was always my mother’s advice.

Our local newspaper nixes these openers:  “Cold enough for you? “Ready for another election?” “Still got a job?” Not appropriate for the year of woe-eight, says columnist John Wells. My neighbor tells me to stay away from climate change. “People get really shrill on that one, Janet.” So after you’ve given the appropriate greeting, hugged, kissed, taken boots and coats, produced refreshments, what do you say?

S. and J. try out a few scenarios.

S: Movies. Always a good party topic.
J: What movies?
S: Well, how about this? I’ll say that some movies can’t be remade.
J: What movies?
S: Casablanca. The Godfather.
J: There must be others. And why can’t those movies be remade?

We’re working on the script.

Last year we handed out finger puppets manufactured by The Unemployed Philosophers Collective. They’re suitable for all ages and also function as fridge magnets. Musicians mostly (Mozart, Wagner). They do get a conversation going but make holding a glass difficult and picking up butter tarts impossible.

We can always fall back on our old stand-by: anagrams. Here’s a new one: honestly mixes up to make on the sly. I’ve asked it before: who’s in charge of the English language? Do anagrams reveal The Secret Code?

For the Canadians present there’s the perennial topic: “What do you think of the changes at CBC 2?” Of course if there are children at your occasion, the conversation will delightfully take care of itself. Happy Holidays

1 Response to “Holiday Talk”

  1. 1 anonymous December 25, 2008 at 10:26 am

    So – the big question is: what did you end up talking about?!?

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