Peter Russell Goes Free

In August I wrote that the women’s caucus of the Canadian Political Science Association was calling for a motion censuring Peter Russell for allowing offensive speech at CPSA meetings. (The blog was entitled, Harvey Mansfield on Canada.)

That was the scuttlebutt at the time. But it’s not true, I am happy to say. Or it is no longer true. The caucus will not be calling for Russell’s censure at the December meeting of the Canadian Political Science Association Board.

And really, who could have ever supposed that Professor Peter Russell would not be able to handle a heated discussion with finesse!

Russell chaired a session at the 2008 Learneds (UBC) at which Frances Widdowson read a paper on the use of aboriginal methodology in the study of aboriginal history and society. The discussion was indeed vigorous. And we haven’t heard the end of the matter.
Frances Widdowson and Albert Howard have a book coming out with McGill-Queen’s this November: Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry, The Deception Behind Indigenous Cultural Preservations. The argument is that policies put forward to address the problems of Canada’s native peoples are contributing to their misery. There’ll be more fireworks.

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