Consulting Chris Moore

We’re in the middle of an election and watching one to the south and this political blog has posted nothing on the subject. Nothing about the divine Sarah Palin. (At the Kiddush on Shabbat the rabbi says: Janet, I understand everything about her except the guns. Why the guns?) I’ve said nothing about fixed electoral terms. (John Locke would have allowed them, but then he’s a famously tolerant guy.) Nothing about majorities, broadsides, “voting from home.” Our lawn sign has been stolen and returned. (Not news. And it will happen again.) I’m deep in the groves of academe, reading about elections that took place 144 years ago. I will return.

I recommend a visit to Christopher Moore’s blog.

Moore’s the author of 1867, How the Fathers Made a Deal, the best general book on Confederation. Open to page 1: “In the 1860s, Western alienation began at Yonge Street, and George Brown was the Preston Manning of the day.”  Moore’s the one Canadian historian who understands parliamentary institutions. How rare that is! And at the moment he is spending time in the present.


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